Psychology of Money


What is He Feeling?

(Read Time 0:48) When we began doing empathy training in 1974, many people didn’t quite know the meaning of empathy. Our simple definition for it is: experiencing another person’s inner world, understanding it and mirroring back its essence in a way the person feels “seen” or “heard.” Scientific studies on empathy reveal nonverbal communication is
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Learn Empathy in One Day

(Read Time: 0:27) We’d like to invite you to the UCLA Extension workshop: Empathy Training: How to Empower Personal, Professional & Financial Relationships Since Dr. Gottfurcht’s dissertation on empathy in the 1970s, he has taught thousands of people how to enhance that skill. His new UCLA program includes the latest training tools, insights and exercises
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Two Keys to Life Success: Prosperity Thinking and…

(Read Time: 0:57) Today, we begin a series of blogs that emphasizes a different and often overlooked area of psychology of money: communication. What do we mean when we say Prosperity Thinking? Prosperity Thinking is when you align your beliefs, expectations, feelings and goals with realistic levels of abundance, optimism and confidence. It includes much
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