Psychology of Money


Navigating the Communication Highway

(Read Time: 0:55) There are three basic ways to evaluate a listener’s response for its empathic accuracy: 1) Subtractive (-) responses – What you say is inaccurate. It takes away from what speaker says. The speaker slows down, has to explain what she means, feels interrupted or loses train of thought. Speaker has to expend
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Maximize Your Verbal Impact!

(Read Time: 1:12) Although nonverbal empathy usually communicates more powerfully than verbal empathy, the words a listener mirrors back to the speaker are still vitally important. Here are guidelines for being empathic when you listen to a speaker: Maintain the focus on the speaker (necessary) Focus on mirroring feelings first (crucial for most speakers) Focus
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He is Feeling…

(Read Time: 1:29) The prior blog showed this man’s facial expression and gestures. Based upon looking at him, what feelings do you sense he is experiencing? One way to discover this is to check in with yourself, and see what you experienced when you looked at his image. Another way is to go with your
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