Psychology of Money


The Financial Returns of Full Empathy vs. Partial Empathy

This is a continuation of our prior Newsletter and series on empathy. Let’s explore the differences between Over-identification and Projection and then summarize the advantages of giving Full Empathy over Partial Empathy. We will use the same brief vignette between you and a friend that we used before to illustrate the differences. Assume your friend
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What’s Your ROI for Reading this Newsletter?

Significant Returns for Full Empathy over Partial Empathy   For those of you who may not know, ROI stands for return on investment. In the financial world, this means what percent you make on the money you invest. For example, if you buy a stock for $100 and sell it for $110, your ROI would
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Mirror Neurons on the Wall, Who is the Most Empathic of All?

Mirror Neurons on the Wall, Who is the Most Empathic of All? Gender Differences with Empathy  Let’s begin with a simple explanation of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are brain cells that become active when we observe other people engaging in an action. For example, when we see others experience an emotion, our mirror neurons send
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