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Couples Therapy and Empathy Training

  Read Time: 3:07   Couples Therapy offers a unique opportunity to strengthen what is often the most significant relationship of our adult lives. Intimate relationships can be challenging because we all carry some degree of childhood wounds from imperfect parenting. Consciously, we are attracted to each other for one set of reasons while unconsciously
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Gender Has the Most Mirror Neurons of All?

  Read Time: 1:40   Let’s begin with a simple explanation of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are brain cells that become active when we observe other people engaging in an action. For example, when we see others experience an emotion by changes in their facial expression and body, our mirror neurons send signals to help
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Empathy’s Role in Survival of the Fittest

  Read Time: 0:49   In the past two decades, research has been suggesting people are more soft-wired for sociability, companionship, and relationships than for narcissism, aggression and selfishness. As it turns out, the basic human drive to belong is heavily based upon empathy. When the great tsunami struck Southeast Asia and another struck Japan,
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Empathy for the Self Who Lives Within

  Read Time: 2:15 Time for reflection: It’s up to you   Dr. Stephen Covey is widely known for his bestselling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. One of his seven habits is very similar to empathy, the topic for our next series of blogs.He calls that habit “Seek first to understand, then
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A Rich and Full Definition of Empathy

  Read Time: 1:44 Time for reflection: As much as you want   Of all the Newsletters and Blogs we have written, this one requires more time to take in and understand. It is very difficult to communicate a rich and full description of empathy in just words since empathy is a complex and profound
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