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What is He Feeling?

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When we began doing empathy training in 1974, many people didn’t quite know the meaning of empathy. Our simple definition for it is: experiencing another person’s inner world, understanding it and mirroring back its essence in a way the person feels “seen” or “heard.”

Scientific studies on empathy reveal nonverbal communication is more important in communicating peoples’ feelings than verbal communication. Since nonverbal feelings are communicated more subconsciously, they are more revealing and less prone to hiding or faking. The most significant nonverbal component of a person’s feelings is revealed by facial expression. Voice tone, volume and pacing; touch; gestures; body posture and movements are also important nonverbal expressions.

Let’s assess your nonverbal empathy by showing you an image of a man’s face with some gestures.

Inviting your comments: What do you sense are his most specific feelings?

We will share what we sense in the next blog.

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James W. Gottfurcht, Ph.D.

Zoreh Gottfurcht

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