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To Rationalize or Not? That is the Question.

In the last blog, we introduced the six psychological money traps people use to undermine financial and life success, the RAPIDS, which are: Rationalization, Avoidance, Projection of Blame, Idealization, Denial and Splitting. We suggest you read or re-read the previous blog before reading more today. The following two paragraphs represent only a partial review from
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River Rafting your Way to Financial Success

One of the ways to increase your financial success is to understand the types of mistakes you are making. Of course, it is even more helpful to learn how to prevent and correct the mistakes you make as soon as possible. Back in 1982, we identified six psychological money traps that can interfere with financial success. We
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Who was Adolf Merckle and Why are we Writing about Him?

(We are delaying the upcoming series of blogs about the six psychological money traps for one week to discuss a dramatic story of Poverty Thinking) Do any of you know who Adolf Merckle was? Last year, he was one of the wealthiest people in the world. And just a few months ago, he made the
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The Financial Power of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Let the dialogue begin! Starting immediately, this blog is open to comments. Here are the responses from one of the three winners from the last blog’s contest. The writer is Marc from the Southern California area. Congratulations, Marc, on your gift of the one-hour Psychology of Money Intro CD. Marc’s Story 1) Think of an
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The Power of Our Beliefs

This blog invites you to participate in a contest with prizes for the three people whose responses we believe will be the most beneficial to our readers. In order to allow time for you to respond and for us to select the winners, the next blog will be published in about two to three weeks.
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Food for Thought: One Man’s Story for Dealing with the Bad Economy

  Here’s a story from Jack Burke of Branson, Missouri, a friend who happens to record our Psychology of Money CD programs. “Last night Jo Ann and I spent the evening at the local food pantry. (This was the first evening it had ever opened — and we did so without advance notice or promotion.)
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