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James W. Gottfurcht, Ph.D., President, Clinical Psychologist and Money Coach

Dr. James Gottfurcht is an internationally recognized psychologist (PSY 4861), board certified coach, instructor and keynote speaker who is President of Psychology of Money Consultants, and conducts psychotherapy in private practice. He consults and coaches individuals, couples, families, professionals and entrepreneurs as well as the financial services industry. He teaches “the inner game of money” to help increase financial success and overcome irrational, self-defeating behavior. He is, also, an instructor for UCLA Extension and The College of Executive Coaching.

For more than thirty years, he has been a pioneer in creating Psychology of Money programs, coaching and conducting psychotherapy. He has trained and taught thousands of people in the U.S., Canada and Europe. His questionnaire, The Psychology of Money Profile, has been used since 1982 to assess Psychological Money Skills associated with financial success and abundance. It gives scores on the 7 core Psychological Money Skills. He uses it to discover the causes of irrational financial behavior and to help replace this behavior with rational, effective action.

His clients have included: MasterCard International, Morgan Stanley, the Financial Planning Association, The American Institute for Certified Public Accountants, Ameriprise Financial, T.D. Ameritrade, City National Bank, the American Association of Individual Investors and the various psychotherapy associations. He is a popular media guest and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, A&E Biography Special “Million Heirs,” the BBC and in Time, The New York Times, Fortune, Money, Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Forbes, Business Week, Journal of Financial Planning, Associated Press, Reuters, etc.

Zoreh Gottfurcht, ACC (Certified Coach by the ICF); Associate Director, Psychology of Money Consultants

Zoreh Gottfurcht, ACC (Certified Coach by the ICF); Associate Director, Psychology of Money Consultants; business, money and life coach. She facilitates peak performance for her clients, removing their self-imposed obstacles, and empowering them in all areas of their lives. Using innovative strategies to improve communication skills and increase productivity, she specializes in helping to enhance the financial and life success of entrepreneurs, employees, professionals, managers and executives.

She also works with individuals and business owners facing challenges and transitions in their business or career, supporting them to increase their personal and professional success. She provides support and guidance for clients faced with the challenge of managing multiple roles and for singles seeking fulfilling relationships. She moved to the United States in 1978 and has coached immigrants from around the world. With more than thirty years of corporate and business experience, she has developed proprietary behavioral exercises, assessments and tools. She has degrees in coaching, business and English Literature and is a public speaker.

Psychology of Money Training


Your empathy training workshop was outstanding. You are a fantastic presenter and your material was rich with information. You have made me a better clinician, and I am grateful.

Daniel Franklin, Ph. D.
President, Franklin Educational Services, Los Angeles

Your presentation gave them invaluable real-life examples of simple, but effective strategies they can use to control their negative emotional reactions to stressful events. The explanation of Prosperity Thinking vs. Poverty Thinking will no doubt stay in their consciousness and give them perspective when they feel overwhelmed by the tidal wave of bad news that bombards us on a daily basis.

Dion M. Collins, CFP
Collins Advisory - Fullerton, CA

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